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5 Best Career options after Pursuing a Diploma in Aviation

The aviation industry is always looking for qualified professionals. The best way to get into this industry is by attending the Aviation Management program at Edugree because it offers specializations in areas like, a flight attendant, an air freight manager etc. Aviation Management students can also specialize in individualized concentrations like international business or project management. Edugree, Being a multidisciplinary institute can be the wind beneath your wings where you can get the course done and can get job assistance. Edugree will help all their students and alumni of online programs find a suitable career and support their efforts towards getting there. Here are the five best career options after pursuing a diploma in aviation.

Flight Attendant:

Taking a Diploma in aviation you can choose to be a flight attendant or air hostess performing service. From ground training and orientation to specialized food and beverage training and English language preparation, Flight attendant & Hospitality Training will help to enhance the skills to be conducive to the safety & comfort of passengers, on your journey to becoming a professional in the air industry. Flight Attendants are paid with handsome salaries adding to other facilities.

Freight Manager:

Freight managers typically oversee a team that drives their company’s transportation strategy and moves cargo between various locations. They may create schedules, coordinate vendors and suppliers, ensure necessary documentation is accomplished and then track  all of a shipment’s progress in the aviation industry. Freight Managers are well paid with many facilities.

Ground Crew/staff:

Ground crew personnel service the needs of the airline on the ground. Their primary responsibilities are to ensure a safe and secure environment for aircraft, passengers, baggage, and cargo. Ground crews inspect the runway and take out any garbage or debris before an aircraft arrives or departs. The ground staff is given maximum facilities with a good package.

Ticketing Manager:

Airline ticketing managers oversee passengers’ boarding procedures, making sure that passengers have the correct boarding passes and verifying that the boarding pass matches their identification. Airline ticket managers can also assist with baggage check-in by properly scanning bags and ensuring no extra items or content are added to a passenger’s luggage. This job is very thrilling with a lovely salary.

Customer Service Representative:

  • The Duties and Responsibilities of a Customer Service Representative (CSR) are to respond to customer inquiries, requests, and issues in a timely fashion. It is required to document all inquiries, resolutions, follow-up tasks, and escalation levels as necessary within the departmental guidelines. You will be the king of customers who will have any inquiries about aviation services. There is a good package for CSR including many facilities provided by the industry.  

So, these were the five best career options for you after your completion of Diploma in aviation. Edugree has the best mentors and industry experts to guide you through your learning process. 

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