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Top 5 Certification Programs for you to be Job ready

With the rise of technology and globalization, the job market today is a cut-throat market. There is competition for positions in every industry. Job seekers are competing for the same jobs with highly skilled, competent people. A few years ago, you could be easily employed as a junior programmer or a junior engineer and move up to become a manager or senior executive. But now it’s not that easy anymore because there are countless people with better degrees from universities out there than you are and they are actually hired first before even thinking about you. This has placed many demands on you as an individual to improve your skills and make yourself more competitive by finding the right way to get more relevant courses and jobs (for example: attaining certifications after 12th). Edugree, a new-age college alternative, has the right solution for all the overthinking and chaos of this fast-paced era.  

Here are the five best certification programs exclusively from Edugree for you to be job ready.

1.Full Stack Web development:

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Often, it is challenging for people to study for certification programs that will guarantee job placement after completion. But lucky for you, Edugree has created a program that is completely centered on the placement of its students in entry-level software roles.

The industry-influenced training helps you gain practical skills and supercharge your career, this program will help you acquire the necessary technical knowledge for building robust and scalable websites and create rich backend APIs along with interactive UIs on MERN stack languages such as JavaScript, Node.js and PHP or Laravel framework.

2.Data Science

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The Advanced Certificate in Data Science program at Edugree gives you the skills you need for a new career in data science. The Advanced Certificate in Data Science program is designed to give you practical, hands-on experience with the latest tools, technologies, and solutions that are revolutionizing the industry. You’ll learn how to apply your knowledge of statistics and predictive analytics using Python to improve your productivity and increase sales. You’ll also learn how to use machine learning techniques to solve business problems .

In this professional job oriented short term course, you will obtain detailed knowledge on Statistics, Predictive Analytics using Python, Machine Learning, Data Visualisation and other related Data Science and ML concepts. Once you bought the certification, you can take a look at for promising Data Science undertaking roles like Data Analyst, Product Analyst, Business Analyst and Machine Learning Engineer

3.Digital marketing

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The rapid expansion of digital marketing is making it increasingly difficult for marketers to keep up. As a result, the face of marketing is changing drastically. Today, digital marketing has become omnipresent – a truth you can no longer ignore!

So why not get ahead of the curve and acquire digital marketing skills?

For all aspiring digital marketers, Edugree has crafted a comprehensive course – a certificate in advanced digital marketing and communication. This course will equip you with all the practical skills you need to take your career in this exciting field to the next level. You’ll learn everything from SEO, SEM, social media (and more), branding and content marketing, and marketing analytics—all while working on live projects that are based on real-life situations.

The certification will teach you how to set up your own websites and blogs; manage paid search campaigns; create user profiles for advertising purposes; use tools such as Facebook Ads Manager or Google Analytics for measuring results; develop creative copy for social media posts; optimize images for different platforms; make use of online surveys for research purposes; write blog posts that engage readers’ attention with compelling keywords; create landing pages for lead generation purposes.

4.Aviation and Hospitality

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Aviation hospitality is a booming enterprise in India and internationally. With this warm career, you may cross into each the aviation and hospitality fields. An aviation hospitality expert is a person who works at airports, airlines, or different corporations in the aviation or aerospace enterprise, inclusive of plane producers wherein they contend with the desires of the consumer.
Along with the technical abilties in aviation hospitality, you’ll additionally gain knowledge of in English communication & presentation abilties. This will now no longer simplest provide you with a aggressive facet over your friends withinside the recruitment method however additionally to your work-associated communication.

Edugree has designed the certification application in this type of manner that offers the expertise and abilities essential for turning into a a hit aviation enterprise expert.
The certification application gives specializations in regions inclusive of Airline Management, Airport Management, Aerospace Engineering, and different associated industries. Students additionally get an possibility to specialize in individualized concentrations like global commercial enterprise or challenge management.

5.  Accountancy

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Accountancy is a extraordinary profession. You would possibly have heard the term “accountant” utilized in a completely extensive variety of contexts, however all of them proportion one aspect in common: they’re individuals who paintings with numbers.

Accountants preserve song of the whole thing from coins float to payroll and tax records. They`re chargeable for ensuring that agencies run smoothly, and that they do it from the floor up. They can be operating on the pinnacle in their area in a huge company – or they’ll be operating for small start-ups of their very own country.

There`s by no means been a higher time to be an accountant than proper now! There are greater jobs to be had than ever before, and people jobs pay well. The talents you benefit from the certification software of accountancy will flip you right into a notably sought-after finance expert who can paintings throughout groups and in strategic, various roles – all of the manner as much as the boardroom.

And highly rewarding: A profession in accountancy ought to include beneficiant salaries and possibilities to development quickly. Its a notably reputable career and is likewise immensely satisfying – youll draw on strategic, leadership, and conversation talents; paintings with loads of groups, and actually make an effect in your place of business and the broader world.

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