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7 Steps to Grow your YouTube Channel

While the fact that YouTube is one of the largest platforms for video dissemination in the world has attracted a lot of people to it, this also has led to innumerable scams as many new players want to take advantage of such popularity and enter the market.

With the huge competition, you have to make sure that your video attracts maximum viewers and gets more clicks. If you can cater to certain niche areas, then you can easily provide services to earn income.

But getting started isn’t easy as it seems. But if you take help from the right experts and product vendors, then you can easily make it big on YouTube. This article talks about the 7 steps you need to follow in order to become a successful YouTuber.


Every video needs a thumbnail – but it’s not just the video that needs to look good. A good thumbnail is key to attracting the attention of potential viewers.

This is where Youtube thumbnails deserve special mention, since they are displayed before the user even clicks on the video. The image or animations that are on these videos need to be both attractive and relevant so that you can maximize your chances of getting people to click on your video.

Many advertisers and content creators, including new YouTubers and marketers, believe that a thumbnail is enough for a viewer to make up his or her mind about whether they want to watch the video based solely on how it looks. In fact, many people won’t even click through unless they see something eye-catching first.


– Your YouTube video title is the most important part of your video. It should be short, catchy, and relevant to what you’re trying to say.

The goal is to rank for the most searched terms in your niche. Consider using words like “review”, “test”, and “compare”. YouTube’s search algorithm operates similarly to Google’s, where it prefers more relevant terms to appear higher on the list. The easiest way to think about this is like an eBay auction, where you’re outbidding your competition for specific keywords, so try to keep titles as concise and informative as possible without sounding lie spam. You can still get creative with them, though!


When it comes to SEO, videos are just as important as any other part of your marketing strategy. It’s not enough to just have a good video—you need an SEO strategy that is designed to help you rank higher in search engines.

A good description will definitely help you rank higher, so make sure it contains a link back to either the homepage of your website or another specific landing page depending on the type of product or service that you are making visible to your audiences.


You want to make sure that your channel is about a specific niche, so if you start veering off the topic, it’s more likely YouTube will pick up on this, and you’ll see less traffic. The more focused you can be with your content, the easier it will be for search engines to index it properly and the better your chances are at ranking higher within YouTube searches.


YouTube tags are one of the most important things when it comes to driving traffic to the video. YouTube works by looking for keywords in tags for videos and then searching for these links when it comes to ranking content.

There are some new rules which need to be followed when adding tags, that is make sure you have both “target an audience” and “other.” This will help with YouTube’s search algorithm.

Youtube tags are an important part of being successful on YouTube and will help get people interested in the content that is being shared. Tags should be used throughout the metadata but it is especially important when entering the information into Google since they take links into account when they rank videos.


Being visible in YouTube is a great way to market yourself, your business or your talent and increase traffic, users, and leads. There are many places where businesses can post their videos, but YouTube is one of the most popular and efficient platforms for video marketing. Scheduling videos on YouTube will help businesses get the most out of their video marketing. You should make sure that you post videos around the same time every day during peak activity hours in order to maximize viewership and make your content go viral. Scheduling your videos ahead of time will allow you to save time while making it easy to optimize them so they’re successful in generating views, likes, shares, comments, engagement and conversions. Posting at consistent times will also help to establish a brand identity.


SEO meaning search engine optimization. Keywords play the biggest role for the traffic of the video.  Make sure you choose relevant keywords to help make your videos easier to find. The more popular the search words, the more traffic potential it gets. 

When creating a video promo, you may want to keep in mind that YouTube viewers don’t necessarily come for the facts. Proper keyword research is essential for creating videos that will be naturally “serendipitous” and help promote your brand. For instance, someone searching for a “great wedding dress” may mean that they want something that makes them feel beautiful rather than looking for an expensive gown that will make heads turn at the reception.

If you really want to dominate YouTube, make sure you create multiple videos on similar topics. It’s better to have several targeted videos that rank for different variations of the same term than one video that ranks for one keyword.

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